“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.”

Albert Camus






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Helping redirect you to freedom

Welcome to Zero to Freedom

I'm Sunya Ananta, a HCPC registered drama therapist in London, and I  offer transformative movement and drama-based therapy for individuals of all ages across the UK. My approach draws upon a wide range of methodologies, schools of thought and personal experiences, as well as wisdom from the rich traditions of tantra, shamanism and non-dual reality.

Every client is unique – That's why I work intuitively, tailoring my approach to your specific needs and ensuring you have the right resources to support your journey.




My approach as a drama therapist in London

I'm highly skilled in using creative and body-based approaches to work with preverbal trauma or trauma that may be difficult to talk about. I have trained in the CATT (Children's' Accelerated Trauma Treatment) model, and can work with PTSD symptoms in individuals.

I am trained to work with therapeutic touch. It is something I do not take lightly - Working with touch can be very impactful, positively and negatively, so it is really important to know that the therapist you are working with is sensitive and intuitive with this medium of work. I use a non-interpretative method of working, which brings in the imagination and the body to explore, play and allow solutions to emerge from the unconscious, without the interference of the conscious mind.

My work is underpinned by Jungian Theory and Depth Psychology, as well as my personal experiences as a shamanic practitioner and a spiritual mentor. I have worked for many years with my shamanic teachers, John Hawkens and Daniel Stone. My approach to life is influenced by Advaita philosophy.

Sometimes, working with an issue through the metaphor can elicit greater insight and transformation than using words. I encourage an exploration of dreams, as part of our work together.







Why should you work with me?

Depth of Experience +

My passion for healing stems from my own extensive personal work. I understand the human condition intimately, having walked the path of healing myself. This depth allows me to connect with you on a profound level and offer guidance not born from book learning, but experience.

Freedom Techniques +

I go beyond symptom management. I am committed to helping you uncover and release the root causes of your suffering. Through a unique blend of techniques, including drama therapy and practices inspired by tantra and shamanism, we'll work together to cultivate inner freedom.

A Vision for Your Humanity +

I am not just a drama therapist in London; I am a visionary dedicated to serving humanity. My work is fuelled by a strong intention to see individuals like you overcome challenges and thrive.

Heartfelt Compassion +

I bring empathy and understanding to your struggles, having faced my own share of human suffering. My unwavering commitment and laser focus on your wellbeing will be your guiding light on the path to healing.

Diverse Skillset & Varied Support +

My experience as a clinical supervisor, RSE specialist and drama therapist in London, combined with my genuine compassion, will equip you with the tools and support you need to break free from suffering. Together, we'll cultivate a life filled with joy, humility and openness.

Total Inclusivity +

As a member of the LGBTIQ+ and neurodivergent communities, my doors are open to anybody and everybody who needs assistance breaking free from the suffering mind. Over the years, I have helped people from full-time housewives to lawyers to polyamorous couples.




With dedication, persistence and a strong intent, a life free from the suffering mind is possible.

My services can be provided both in-person or via Zoom, as needed – Schedule a free 15-minute consultation using enquiry form to get started.



Where do I serve?

While I am positioned as a drama therapist in London, my therapy services are also available online across the UK via remote sessions.

My CDP training, consultations and RSE workshops are carried out in-person.

Zero to Freedom therapy room



 My latest insights as a drama therapist in London: