“Let there be spaces in your togetherness, and let the winds of heaven dance between you.”

Kahlil. Gibran




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As a transpersonal couple's therapist my client is not you or your partner, but your relationship.

The idea is that when two or more individuals come together with an intent, a field that is greater than the sum of its parts is created and this has a destination of its own. (See Jung's Transcendent Function).

My approach is based on my experience as a creative arts therapist and the years of personal research I have undertaken in this area. As your therapist:

  • I will support you to look at where your childhood wounds get triggered with your partner/s.
  • I will help you see what the edges (the place beyond our comfort zones) of all parties shows us in terms of both individual growth and the growth of the relationship.
  • To support your own self-care and the self-care of your partner/s during times of emotional pain.



Transpersonal couple's therapy is ideal for:

 Those committed to viewing their partner/s as mirrors and teachers.

 Those committed to owning their own stories and their self-care.

Those committed to communication that is respectful and sensitive towards their partner/s.

 Those who are open to be directed by the dreaming of the relationship and where it might be directing the individuals involved.



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What to expect in couple's therapy?

Couples therapy usually starts with some initial interview questions regarding the history of the relationship as well as exploring each partner's family-of-origin, values and cultural background. I may also work with crisis intervention if that is what's needed.

During the session, I will help the couple gain insight into the relational dynamics creating the problem and guide you to understand your roles in the dysfunctional interactions. I will also help the couple identify an area of focus, establish an intention and structure for the session. This greater insight as well as adapting your communication styles, will help you change the way you perceive the relationship and each other.

Although gaining insight is important, another crucial aspect of couples therapy involves changing behaviours. I will often assign partners homework to apply the skills they have learned in therapy into their daily interactions. Most couples come away from therapy with greater knowledge of their relational patterns and with the skills to effectively communicate and problem solve with their partners.

I have experience working with same-sex, non-monogamous and polyamorous relationships.

Fees start from £150 per 75 min session, concessions are available.