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With over 20 years of experience as a therapist and clinical supervisor, I provide a variety of services to support individuals, couples, families and organisations in their journeys towards understanding and conscious change.

My core speciality lies as a  drama therapist in London  and beyond, a unique approach that harnesses the power of non-verbal activities and storytelling to explore feelings and experiences. Beyond this, I offer clinical supervision for therapists and organisations and a range of training and workshops designed to support young people with special educational needs and professionals who support them.

Whether you're an individual seeking personal growth, a therapist looking for professional development, or a parent navigating the challenges of raising a child with SEN, I have the experience and skills to support you.



Drama and Movement Therapy in London

Drama and movement therapy offer a unique path to healing. Using play, movement and storytelling, we will work together to explore your thoughts and emotions in a way that words cannot.

Fees start from £80, with concessionary rates available.




Clinical Supervision for Individuals & Organisations

Clinical supervision can help with feelings of overwhelm, vicarious trauma and creating a work- life balance. I offer a safe and confidential space for professionals in the helping professions and therapists of all experience levels to discuss caseloads, explore challenges, and refine their skills. 

Fees start from £80, with concessionary rates available.




Training and Consultations for Schools, Parents & Organisations

Looking to empower your team to support others facing difficult situations?  My interactive CPD training equips staff, teaching assistants, and managers with the knowledge and practical tools to address and navigate sensitive topics like trauma, abuse, and grief. 

Fees start from £800, but can be tailored upon request.




Relationship & Sex Psycho-therapeutic Educational (RSE) Workshops

Schools may find it challenging to provide adequate relationships and sex education support for students with additional educational needs. My tailored 12-week program offers targeted support in a safe and inclusive space, exploring these topics and offering recommendations for continued support.

Fees start from £7,500.




Transpersonal Couple's Therapy

My transpersonal couples therapy goes beyond traditional approaches. Here, your relationship itself is seen as a living entity with its own purpose and potential and conflict managed well can reveal hidden gems. We'll explore how your past experiences impact your interactions, and support you in navigating the "edges" of your comfort zones with acceptance and poise, and to be comfortable with all the landscapes of relating.

Fees start from £150 per 75 minute session.




Freedom Techniques For Spiritual Mentoring

If you're dedicated to self-exploration and are now seeking a deeper connection to your spirit, my mentoring can help. I offer personalised guidance, drawing on practices like meditation and shamanic rituals, to support with your spiritual transformation.

Fees start from £80, with concessionary rates available.