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As therapists, we dedicate ourselves to the emotional well-being of others. Yet, navigating the complexities of clinical work can be demanding.  That's where clinical supervision comes in. Supervision is a safe and confidential space, held by a trained therapist who supports the practitioner to reflect on their clinical work with their clients.

My clinical supervision in London (Or remotely via Zoom) offers a safe, non- judgemental and confidential space for therapists of all experience levels to discuss their caseloads, explore challenges, and refine their therapeutic skills.  Here, you can openly explore issues arising from your clinical work, whether it's:

  • Understanding complex relational dynamics with clients.
  • Developing effective treatment strategies for challenging cases.
  • Identifying and exploring your own biases or blind spots.
  • Challenges with counter transferential experiences.
  • Understanding the influence of wider systems  and ecologies.
  • Exploring short term and long-term objectives for your career.


Fees start at £80 - please enquire for more information, concessions are available for trainees.

Just fill out my enquiry form to get started, or call me  on  07947 334593.



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Is my clinical supervision only available to private therapists?

As a therapist with extensive experience in educational settings, I understand the unique challenges and rewards of working with students and families in schools.  That's why I offer specialised clinical supervision services tailored to support school therapists in their important work.

This is available either at your school location or my practice – Whichever is most convenient for you. My process-oriented approach provides a safe space to reflect on organisational issues, casework and clinical dilemmas, all while considering the broader social factors that impact educational provision and student well-being.

The results are new perspectives, refined therapeutic skills and feeling empowerment to provide exceptional care for your students and your school.