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The Zero to Freedom Approach

Freedom can only be felt in the here and now, without our stories of the past and hopes of the future. Freedom is revealed when Zero is embraced. This requires letting go. You can only let go when you have fully accepted an experience and allowed it to transform you from the inside.

The work is to accept it all, all the stories, all the parts that have been discarded over the years and let them touch us so deeply, and heal us from within. This is true medicine. Once the medicine has done its job, it is no longer needed and will leave.

Sunya Ananta

Zero to Freedom therapy room sand pit


My approach to therapy has evolved over the years, fuelled by a core learning: healing is a continuous process of accepting, integrating and letting go. The power of imagination becomes a vital tool, allowing us to experience and integrate hidden landscapes that asks for our attention and enables us to tap into our inner wisdom.

I specialise in working with the "inner child” - that part of ourselves that holds past experiences and emotions. Through this work, we can explore and heal old wounds, creating space for expansion and self-discovery.  This journey requires a willingness to trust the unknown, to be present in the moment and see what unfolds within the therapeutic space.



My approach as a drama therapist in London

I see my approach as the result of four overlapping lenses –neurobiology & trauma, drama & movement therapy, and Tantra and the Native American shamanic traditions.

Neurobiology & Trauma

Sometimes our trauma's origins are pre verbal, so the healing needs also to be non-verbal. Having an understanding of how trauma can impact our brains, I use my skills to help you work with your needs and symptoms.

Drama & Movement Therapy

This views the body as the bridge to the unconscious mind. By exploring how we move and interact with the world and our imaginations, we can unlock hidden emotions and work towards integration.


Enables us to see our sexuality and our attractions as an unfolding of a soul, healing the spiritual and sexual divide, integrating the body as the sacred temple for our spirit and a vehicle to play, learn and love.

Native American Shamanism

By expanding our relational capacities, to our four-legged siblings, our ancestors and the elements, we can experience a deeper connection with the cosmos, a sense of oneness with all of creation. This includes embracing our connection to the natural world and all living things, welcoming them as intimate members of our extended family.





 What's my background?

My journey towards being a movement and drama therapist in London began in 2003, and since then, I've dedicated myself to helping individuals of all ages and backgrounds unlock their potential. My experience spans various settings:

 Special Needs Schools (London)

For many years, I worked in special needs schools across London, witnessing the transformative power of drama therapy for children with diverse needs.

 Private Practice (Adults & Young People)

In my private practice, I work with both adults and young people, providing a safe space to explore challenges, foster self-discovery, and achieve personal growth.

 Clinical Supervision

I am passionate about supporting other therapists in their professional development, offering guidance and fostering a space for reflection and growth through clinical supervision.

 Couples Therapy

I understand the complexities of relationships and am skilled in helping couples navigate challenges and strengthen their bond through relational and creative therapy techniques.




Inclusivity is at the heart of my practice

As a neurodiverse therapist, I believe that therapy should be accessible and affirming for everyone.

I  work with members of the LGBTQI+ community and welcome individuals who choose to express themselves outside of heteronormative binaries - My practice is a safe space for you to explore your identity and navigate life's challenges authentically.

In addition, with both professional and personal experience in neurodiversity, I possess a deep understanding of the challenges faced by individuals who may not fit neatly into societal expectations.  I am committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment where neurodiversity is celebrated, and individuals can explore their unique strengths and perspectives.



Childhood Sexual Abuse & Traumas
Gender identity, Sexuality & Sexual Orientation
Neuro-diversity, Autism & Learning Disabilities
Intimacy & Relationship Issues
 Death, Loss & Grief
Existential & Spiritual Crisis


 Diploma - Transpersonal Couple Counselling & Psychotherapy (2022) CCPE

Diploma - Child, Adolescent & Adult Counselling Supervision (2014) Terapia

MA - Drama & Movement Therapy (2003 -04) Central School of Speech & Drama

MSc - Social Anthropology (1999-00) London School of Economics

BA Honours in Sociology & Philosophy (1996 - 99) University of Essex