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Empowering the next generation

It may be that young people with additional educational needs require more input when it comes to relationships and sex education than is possible to provide in the classroom.

This may be due to:

  • A young person displaying a disregard of pupils' or staff's personal boundaries
  • A young person showing a lack of understanding around other people's boundaries due to autism or other reasons.
  • A young person having a history/possible history of sexual abuse or as a perpetrator that needs a trained therapist to work with sensitively.
  • Sexually inappropriate behaviour

With all this in mind, I have devised a 12-week program for RSE in London, intended to target specific pupils who need that extra support – Especially young people with special educational needs and/or are on the autistic spectrum.


Let's work together to build a safe space for healthy RSE

Enquire by completing my form, or send me an email at 07947 334593.



Some of the topics covered in this 12-week are as follows: 

 Personal Boundaries: My body, My Space
 Exploring Gender Stereotypes
 Puberty: Working with feelings around changes: Body, Mind & Emotions
 Exploring public and private spaces in relation to body exploration
 Empathy and Consent
 Exploring our attractions and aversions in a LGBTQI + informed space
Managing disappointment and rejection  



The programme is run by two therapists, male and female so both sexes are represented. 

  • The programme is experiential using drama and creative tools to facilitate learning.
  • The group involves 4 - 8 pupils, depending on needs with or without teaching assistant support
  • The sessions are 1.5 hours long.
  • Time is required for preparation of space and de briefing with staff.
  • The group can involve a member of staff that may want to also be part of the programme as a way to model and take away methods of working.

Both facilitators have plenty of experience working with young people with learning disabilities and other additional diagnoses and history of trauma.

The programme starts from £7,500, and includes a report at the end with impact and recommendations for school or organisation. 


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