Most people express concern when their trust wavers with a loved one, assuming that to trust another person is a good thing, an honourable thing and one that will stand you in good stead. What if this were not so? What if as we expand our consciousness and as we walk steeply up the spiritual path, one is asked to shed trust in humans? It is a real thing to not trust people, and it is a noble thing to not expect yourself to trust. Humans, among almost all things of this world are changeable. They are capable of all different types of actions, depending on many circumstances both external and internal. They are capable of huge acts of love, and also capable of deeply cutting acts of betrayal. It is in the nature of humans to be changeable. There is nothing immoral about this. It is a fact. What is misguided is in the one who bestows trust in humans. Trust the unchanging, not the changing. Trust the love, not the person through which the love is expressed. Not bestowing trust on humans allows you to be a vessel of unconditional love. No longer is it the case that will I demonstrate my love for you if you prove your trustworthiness to me, which one can never do. I will love you, regardless. What of boundaries then? Make them focused on your needs and wants, not on the capacity or incapacity of the other.