We are so concerned with being seen in this society; by friends, acquaintances, social media, TV. Why such an obsession? I feel it is because the One that we long to be seen by, does not see us. We long to be witnessed by Ourselves. This special kind of seeing comes about when others eyes do not see. In Solitude. When we are alone, we become the Subject that sees the Object. This Awareness is Loving, Kind, Holding and Benevolent. It smiles at everything you do and don't do. It delights at the meals you eat, the hours you sleep and the walks you take. It sprinkles Love Dust on your dreams. This is a private love affair; away from the eyes of the World. Some things must be kept hidden, for our sanity. Some things need to be done, away from the gaze of others. This is how you create Sanctuary, Safety and the Sacred.