Oil & Water

Oil and water never mix. Oil has a special quality that stops it from being absorbed by water. It rolls off, unchanged. Identify with oil. Walk through Life unchanged. No one can take your Power away unless you give it to them in the first place. When you experience suffering, you have given your Power away. Don't let anything affect your Sovereignty. Your intentions are no longer to create “form” anything of substance here on Earth. That is why you destroy, when you feel constricted. You don't want to be bound. You are here to experience your Freedom. The only way to experience your Freedom is to come back to Zero. Again, and again and again.

Who are you? You are not this gender, or this job, or this profession, or his wife, or his husband. You are no one's lover, or girlfriend. These are clothes you wear, sometimes. Diving into the Ocean of Authenticity means coming back to this Nothingness. What to do with your Life force? Let it move you! I am that Life Force. I shall guide you where you need to go and what dance you need to be doing. Sometimes I shall get you to dance the Dance of Solitude, sometimes the Dance of Anger, sometimes the Dance of Love, sometimes the Dance of Humiliation, sometime the Dance of Aloneness. None of it matters. You are playing. Oil and Water. Find your Centre. Don't budge from there.